Bar Equilibrio

A space dedicated for our visitors to enjoy the nights to the heat of a campfire…

  • Bar Equilibrio Parque Almendro Cajón del Maipo
  • Bar Equilibrio Parque Almendro Cajón del Maipo

is a nighttime space created for all our visitors that would like to enjoy a fun atmosphere, good music as well as a stocked bar and food to share (tablas) or finger foods (picoteo). Guests can enjoy the bar during the day surrounded by breathtaking views of the mountains and pool or at night around a campfire.
Our specialties are: ice cream, pizzas, sandwiches, finger foods for sharing, pisco sour and much more!

General Information:
- Hours: Thursday to Saturday, from 18:00 to 02:00 hrs.
- Average price p / p: $ 7,500.
- Sector nonsmokers. We do not have outdoor tables for now.
- Reservations for Groups, call (56-2) 2861 01 23 or send a message through the form.

Payment accepted with debit or credit cards, cash, or money transfer. Sorry checks are not accepted.